CrazyMiui Project

CrazyMiui Project include nightly and stable versions

The CrazyMiui Project is a new project for CrazyGamer's Miui ports.
In xda thread i will add only stable roms and in miuiportugal the same.

CrazyMiui is a miui rom based on geno's miui but CrazyMiui is faster,smoother and more stable

Mods & tweaks
- Portuguese translation update every week (thx Miui Portugal)
- Some tweaks added 
- multilanguage
- 3 way reboot power menu
- google play wallpapers added (by evilisto)
- colorful phasebeam livewallpaper added (by evilisto)
- mod google play store
- miuiportugal bootanimation
- etc .. etc 

Installation guide
Download Rom - Flash it with Recovery
{Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
Then Reboot -First boot might take a while .
After The First Boot , Do another reboot after 3-5 mins For apps to get settled
Enjoy !!

Miui Portugal-for Portuguese translation 
Geno-for miui port
evillisto-for mods(wallpapers&livewallpaper)
dzo-for the ics rom

Stable Versions
MIUI V 4 - 2.5.25 (2012-06-03)=
MIUI V 4 - 2.5.25 V2 (2012-06-05)=
MIUI V 4 - 2.6.15 (2012-06-20)=
MIUI V 4 - 2.6.22 (2012-06-22)=

nightly versions
MIUI V 4 - 2.6.24 3.0.8 KERNEL (2012-06-25)=
MIUI V 4 - Bombardier 3.0.8 KERNEL (2012-07-02)=


  1. hey bro , can I know why after I have install your newest miuiv4 in XDA forum .

    I can't use wireless location . I'm on 3g . I can't detect my location by enable ( network based location service ) .

    Can I know is there any way to solve it ?

    my miuiv4 version is 2.7.4

    1. Hi,KiraCEW
      you mean signal problem or wifi problem
      if you mean signal problem here is a fix
      type this in terminal emulator from google play store
      finnish and maybe estonian users might need to do this in terminal:
      setprop persist.eons.enabled 0

      or if you mean wifi problem you need the newest wpa_supplicant(if you need this i will try to make one update zip)