[KERNEL][SM-G900F][TW M][AnyKernel][Synapse Support]CrazySuperKernel

I am not responsible in any way for anything that can be happen to your device when you flashing my kernels.You do so at your own risk!
If you get bootloop click here

Summary CrazySuperKernel is a powerfull kernel with a lot super features!

- CPF7 ramdisk
- Built from Samsung Marshmallow Kernel Source Update CPF7 for G900F
- OTA Updates from Kernel Adiutor app
- Anykernel2 zip For maximum compatibility with all ROMs, CrazySuperKernel uses your existing ramdisk (Do NOT flash this over other custom kernels!You should only flash CrazySuperKernel over the kernel that came with your ROM!!)
- Synapse Support - Complete Kernel Control!! (need download the app from Play Store)
- Compiled with UBERTC 4.9 [latest update]
- Faux sound control
- Frandom support
- CPU governors : interactive, impulse, ondemand, smartmax, zzmoove, intellimm,ondemandplus,pegasusq,nightmare,conserva tive,lionheart,powersave,userspace,yankactive,smar tmax_eps,optimax,slim,uberdemand,intellidemand,int elliactive,abyssplugv2,abyssplug,dancedance,tripan droid,hyper,darkness,lazy
- IO schedulers :bfq-tripndroid-cfq-noop-deadline-fiops-row-sio-zen-vr-fifo
- TCP congestion controls: cubic-bic-westwood-htcp-highspeed-hybla-reno-bic-hybla-vegas-lp-yeah-illinois-scalable
- Gpu governors :msm-adreno-tz, conservative,simple_ondemand,powersave,performance ,userspace,cpubw_hwmon,msm_cpufreq
- Kcal v2 with inverted colours
- Intelli thermal v2
- Intelli plug hotplug
- MSM-Sleeper Hotplug
- MSM-Zen Hotplug
- Bricked Hotplug
- Alucard Hotplug
- AutoSMP Hotplug
- Adreno idler
- Fast charge support (by yank555)
- LED extended control (by yank555)
- Prevent wakelock when ambiend display disabled(misc control tab)
- Wake And Sleep Functions
- CPU Voltage Control
- Slimbus overclock
- Enabled Arch Power
- CRC Check Disabled
- Gentle Fair Sleepers (Disabled by default)
- Android Logging switcher
- Enabled All Suspend and Idle Modes
- Power Suspend Mode/State
- Dynamic filesystem read-ahead
- QuickWakeUP
- Dynamic FSync 2.0
- A lot improvments
- A lot fixes

Download Link:CLICK HERE
Download Link [AnyKernel]:CLICK HERE
Download Link UKM/Synapse support here:CLICK HERE
Download Link UKM Unistaller here:CLICK HERE

Installation guide
Do NOT flash this over other custom kernels!
You should only flash CrazySuperKernel over the kernel that came with your ROM!!
- Download Kernel from this thread
- Flash it with Recovery
[Wipe cache and Dalvik cache recommended]
- Then Reboot 
Enjoy the CrazySuperKernel !!!!

- Thx the devs where created the features where included in kernel
- Thx CrazyGamerGR yeh me

Source Code: https://github.com/FrancescoCG/CrazySuperKernel-TW-MM-KLTE-REBASE

Recommended apps : Synapse Support - Complete Kernel Control (need download the app from Play Store) & Kernel Adiutor (with kernel ota updates!) + Kernel Adiutor mod with much more features builded from source by TioCareca (Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!1ZVDQIgL!bHBvHC9AY...xtYUPOw5gbvecM)


- initial release

- ota updates from KernelAdiutor app
- added intelli thermal v2
- added dynamic filesystem read-ahead
- added bfq sched
- enabled tripndroid sched

- rebase CPF7 update
- clean up
- many fixes
- anykernel2 update (work with any variant)
- normal zip (boot with a few variants only)

If you get bootloop or bootloop before samsung screen press volume up+down+power button until device vibrate and fast press power+volume up and device will be boot in recovery,instal your rom(dirty instal not need clean instal) and everything will be good^^.

If u use zzmove governor disable all the hotplugs coz it use its own hotplug as anyone knows.

Zzmove profiles

1 ) Default -> will set governor defaults -

2 )ybat -> Yank Battery -> a very good battery/performance balanced setting - DEV-NOTE: highly recommended! -

3 )ybatext-> Yank Battery Extreme -> like yank battery but focus on battery saving -

4 )zzbat-> ZaneZam Battery -> a more 'harsh' setting strictly focused on battery saving -

- DEV-NOTE: might give some lags! -

5 )zzbatp -> ZaneZam Battery Plus -> NEW! reworked faster battery setting -

- DEV-NOTE: recommended too!

6 )zzopt -> ZaneZam Optimized -> balanced setting with no focus in any direction -

- DEV-NOTE: relict from back in the days, even though some people still like it! -

7 )zzmod -> ZaneZam Moderate -> NEW! setting based on 'zzopt' which has mainly (but not strictly only!) 2 cores online -

8 )zzperf -> ZaneZam Performance -> all you can get from zzmoove in terms of performance but still has the fast -

- down scaling/hotplugging behaving -

9 )zzinz-> ZaneZam InZane -> NEW! based on performance with new insane scaling active. a new experience! -

10 )zzgame-> ZaneZam Gaming -> NEW! based on performance with scaling block enabled to avoid cpu overheating during gameplay -
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