[TIPS AND TRICKS][CM12.1/TW5]CrazySuperKernel and CrazyKernel1

Some profiles for your amzing kernel^^

my own balanced profile is max freq stock 2,46ghz min 300mhz with intelimm governor ,gpu578 with simpe_ondemand

(battery life)
my own battery life is max 1.9 min 300 with zzmove(ofc hotplug off coz zzmove got its own hotolug)gpu 389mhz with msm-adreno-tz

Q and A
Why you doesn't use o3 optimize and use ofast?: Because ofast is much more better!

Why you use gcc6 and not gcc5,gcc6 has got many bugs…: where they are?! I see only amazing performance and amazing stable powerd device with gcc6!

Why KernelAdiutor and no stweaks or synapse?:Because KernelAdiutor is including all the amazing featuresWink

You will make this kernel compatible with x device?: If you buy it for me for testing my builds yeh^^

My device stuck and reboot…: change governor or make a list of them to delete them completly.

Your kernel has got the x bug…: maybe its rom realted.....!

If you feel the need to donate somthing to the CrazyGamerGR just wait some days where i ll got a prepaid card/paypal 

Some info for me
I am old rom dev and new in kernel deving but i do my best to give you the most recent and amazing features to make s5 super!BUT w8 s5 its super!!!

Here coming soon some important info for my kernels!

Here will be coming soon some tips for my kernels!
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