[KERNEL](TW5)Crazy Kernel1 v8{31-10-15}[UBERTC 6.0/3.4.110] (MULTY VARIANT TEST BUILDS)

Summary CrazyKernel1 is based on GoogyMax4 Kernel but i changed a lot of features and added too!

- BOJ2 ramdisk - Multy variant version is include older ramdisk and start from v8 version
- Patched to Linux 3.4.110
- Compiled with latest UBER TC 6.0(02-10-15) Wink
- ofast optimize
- fauxsound
- Logger switchable
- msm Thermal v2
- frandom support
- SELinux set to permissive
- CPU governors : interactive, impulse, ondemand, smartmax, zzmoove, intellimm,ondemandplus,pegasusq,nightmare,conserva tive,lionheart,powersave,userspace,yankactive,smar tmax_eps,optimax
- IO schedulers : cfq-noop-deadline-tripandroid-fiops-row-sio-zen-vr-fifo-bfq
- TCP congestion controls: cubic-bic-westwood-htcp-highspeed-hybla
- cpu oc up to 2,84ghz
- gpu oc up to 657mhz
- gpu idle step 27mhz
- 268mhz step underclock
- RGB colour control
- intelli plug hotplug
- force fast charge
- Compiled with gcc optimization flags
- LED extended control (by yank555)
- arch power (enabled by default)
- sched autogroup(disabled by default)
- a lot improvments

Download Link: CLICK HERE

Installation guide
Download Kernel - Flash it with Recovery
{Wipe cache and Dalvik cache recommended}
Then Reboot .
Enjoy !!

Thx Lord Boeffla - for his awesome help
Thx googy_anas ofc - for his amazing work
Thx CrazyGamerGR - yeh me

Changelogs and FAQ
Recommended app : Kernel Adiutor


- w/o release

- w/o release

- w/o release

- initial release

- a lot improvments
- better battery life
- smoother

- updated ramdisk to BOH4
- more improvments

- updated ramdisk to BOJ2
- ofast optimize
- compiled with uber tc 6.0
- 268mhz step underclock
- some fixes
- more improvments

- multy variant ramdisk older than v7's ramdisk
- back to old net drivers to fix some bugs with some roms

Exclamation ATTENTION!!!
If u use zzmove governor disable all the hotplugs coz it use its own hotplug as anyone knows.

Zzmove profiles

1 ) Default -> will set governor defaults -

2 )ybat -> Yank Battery -> a very good battery/performance balanced setting - DEV-NOTE: highly recommended! -

3 )ybatext-> Yank Battery Extreme -> like yank battery but focus on battery saving -

4 )zzbat-> ZaneZam Battery -> a more 'harsh' setting strictly focused on battery saving -
- DEV-NOTE: might give some lags! -

5 )zzbatp -> ZaneZam Battery Plus -> NEW! reworked faster battery setting -
- DEV-NOTE: recommended too!

6 )zzopt -> ZaneZam Optimized -> balanced setting with no focus in any direction -
- DEV-NOTE: relict from back in the days, even though some people still like it! -

7 )zzmod -> ZaneZam Moderate -> NEW! setting based on 'zzopt' which has mainly (but not strictly only!) 2 cores online -

8 )zzperf -> ZaneZam Performance -> all you can get from zzmoove in terms of performance but still has the fast -
- down scaling/hotplugging behaving -

9 )zzinz-> ZaneZam InZane -> NEW! based on performance with new insane scaling active. a new experience! -

10 )zzgame-> ZaneZam Gaming -> NEW! based on performance with scaling block enabled to avoid cpu overheating during gameplay -

-Soon more-
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