CrazyMiuiv5 v2 7-2-15

CrazyMiui is a miui rom based on en.miui's community[forumber's build] but CrazyMiui is faster,smoother and more stable

my device was stolen thats why i cant test it

 Mods & tweaks
- frameworks 14.3.14
- tweaks added
- faster gps lock
- my nostalgia ics bootscreen
- wifi fix
- adaway
- etc..etc...
- and soon more

 Installation guide
Download Rom - Flash it with Recovery
{Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
Then Reboot -First boot might take a while .
After The First Boot , Do another reboot after 3-5 mins For apps to get settled
Enjoy !!


15.02.07 3.0.8 KERNEL

-en.miuiandroid[forumber's port]

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