[ROM](KK)CrazyCM{v0.1} for galaxy fit

CrazyCm is a cm11 rom based on your cm11 build but is faster,smoother and more stable

 Mods & tweaks
-Crazy team tweaks[my library^^](Battery life, ButterSmooth)
-faster gps lock
-Nova launcher 
- etc .. etc 

 Installation guide
Download Rom and gapps - Flash rom and gapps with Recovery
{Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
Then Reboot -First boot might take a while .
After The First Boot , Do another reboot after 3-5 mins For apps to get settled
Enjoy !!



thx to person who built the rom
thx to cm team
thx to BaNks Gapps dev

If you have any problem with rom pm me

-initial release
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