(RECONTINUE)[ROM][MIUI-V4][2.11.16][3.0.8]CrazyMiui|12/2|{SMOOTH,FAST AND STABLE} for ideos x5

CrazyMiui is a miui rom based on geno's miui but CrazyMiui is faster,smoother and more stable

my device was stolen, that's why I stop the uptates and i will stop work on this smart phone I thx everyone in this Thread


maybe i ll continiue the project for my nexus s device

 Mods & tweaks
- Portuguese translation update every week (thx Miui Portugal)
- Some tweaks added
- multilanguage
- 3 way reboot power menu
- google play wallpapers added (by evilisto)
- colorful phasebeam livewallpaper added (by evilisto)
- mod google play store(jellybean version)
- miuiportugal bootanimation
- modded dsp with beats audio
- multilanguage keyboard(include Greek)
- turkish keyboard
- added superuser
- gps.conf changed to european server(faster lock) thx spirosbond and knzo
- init.d support(normal version)experimental versions manual instal from here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1770840
- etc .. etc

 Installation guide
Download Rom - Flash it with Recovery
{Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
Then Reboot -First boot might take a while .
After The First Boot , Do another reboot after 3-5 mins For apps to get settled
Enjoy !!


2.11.16 3.0.8 KERNEL

Miui Portugal-for Portuguese translation
Geno-for miui port
evillisto-for mods(wallpapers&livewallpaper)
dzo-for the ics rom

 Arrow Changelogs and FAQ
If you have any problem with rom make one or two reboots

MIUI V 4 - 2.11.16 (2012-11-02)
-new 2.11.16 frameworks
-based on new aurora builds(kernel 14 nov)
-readded all my tweaks
-etc .. etc

MIUI V 4 - 2.8.3 (2012-08-05)
-new 2.8.3 frameworks
-mod google play store(jellybean version)
-multilanguage keyboard(include Greek)
-turkish keyboard
-added superuser
-gps.conf changed to european server(faster lock) thx spirosbond and knzo

MIUI V 4 - 2.7.13 (2012-07-14)
-new 2.7.13 frameworks
-init.d support
-deleted modded dsp manager for better sound quality
-etc .. etc

MIUI V 4 - 2.7.6 (2012-07-10)
-updated portuguese translation(not fully working because my tool(recompile) doesn't work good)
-new 2.7.6 frameworks
-added new moded phase beam lwp
-readded moded dsp manager
-apollo music player
-volume rocker wake support
-etc .. etc

MIUI V 4 - 2.6.29 V2 (2012-07-04)
-3.0.8 kernel latest from aurora
-market fixed
-gmail fixed
-permission manager semi fixed(need to go in the permission manager app to allow the apps you want)
-only ics camera from aurora

MIUI V 4 - 2.6.29 (2012-06-30)
-updated portuguese translation(i don't know if work corectly)
-added apollo music player
-added modded dsp manager with beats audio(thx ...Awesome...)
-some mods added
-add old wpa_suplicant because work with all devices
-etc .. etc

MIUI V 4 - 2.6.22 (2012-06-22)
-added pt lang thx IoDa00{MIUI Portugal}
-rewrite all my tweaks
-deleted support ota updates with update me app
-more stable now

MIUI V 4 - 2.6.15 (2012-06-20)
-added more tweaks
-added miui pt bootanimation
-fix some tanslations
-Portugal lang support (soon) thx IoDa00{MIUI Portugal}
-etc .. etc

MIUI V 4 - 2.5.25 V2 (2012-06-05)
-added mod google play store
-added miui bootanimation
-delete some tweaks
-change radio app(need fix)
-change start lang to en
-add ota updates support(only for test,now)
-change file explorer with newer version

MIUI V 4 - 2.5.25 (2012-06-03)
-Initial Release
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