[CWM][Flashable]CrazyMiui Init.d Support {experimental version 2}[14/07/12] for ideos x5

Init.d support make CrazyMiui more stable,faster,smother etc...etc

FAQI will upload 2 versions one normal and one experimantal version with more tweaks

tweaks{experimental version}
- Synaptics Touchscreen Sensitivity
- Apply FPS Novatek Fix to raise FPS to 53fps
- Set CPU Frequency and Governor
- Disable Atmel Haptic Feedback
- Turn VSync OFF
- Raise SDCard Read Ahead Value
- leak ram fix
- battery tweaks
- internet tweaks
- vm tweaks
- etc .. etc

CrazyMiui init.d Support(experimental)V2
CrazyMiui init.d Support(normal)

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